Celebrating 10 Years of Giving.

Years back, I traveled with a close friend of mine to the favelas of Brazil. There was a clear disruption in the status quo of what I knew as the domesticated safe discipleship we often settle into. I witnessed the lives laid down for the gospel and wanted in on the fullness of this revolution. On the plane ride returning to the states, we dreamed how we could lead an American church differently.

We took out a small airplane napkin and scribbled down a few of these – winning the lost, loving the poor, giving radically to missions. I pulled that napkin, back out of the corner of my backpack rereading the words written there that became imprinted on my heart from the Lord. this quickly became the foundation of our generosity manifesto.

Now, we are living in an extremely blessed, prosperous, and opportunity-laden cultural moment. In the midst of this, our church body refuses to settle for cultural norms. Today, we continue to champion the ways of Jesus as the original disciples did who abandoned earthly treasures to follow Him. You all are these revolutionary disciples. Thank you for being the church I could have only written down as a dream on that napkin.

Father, let us seek you first as good stewards of the blessings you have given us that we may radically take our stance in your revolution reaching the world.

Total missions giving for
the past 10 years:

$ 0 million

Total missions giving
in 2019

$ 0 million

An average of $6,849 was given to missions, church planting, and the poor every day in 2019


Burkina Faso
A.G.W.M. Suffering Church

Central Africa Republic
Ken Olson

Cling & Crysti Handfield

Orphan Outreach
Gleanings of the Harvest
Grant Abundant Life

Awakening Ministries International

Gleanings of the Harvest

Speed the Light

Sierra Leone
Awakening Ministries International

Global Initiative

Amy Singleton

Asia Pacific

Convoy of Hope

Piter & Mary A.

Joshua Horton

Speed the Light
Matthew Navigato
Miracle Life Ministries

Missionary Sam
Project Rescue
Tyler & Rebecca S.
Mike & Kathy F.
Daniel L.


Mark & Heather S.

Myanmar (Burma)

Sri Lanka
Kyle A.

John & Joy Sisk

Josh & Tonya Jacks
Karen Welker
Rebecca Johns
Mark Langley

Caleb & Corey H.

Bethany Moore
Project Rescue

Sam & Lisa P.


Zachary & Danika M.

Bill Schwartz

Canary Islands
Greg & Nikkita Lewens

David Wentling

Anne Patz

Bridges Refugee Initiative
Global Initiative
Matt & Marissa Barker

Brian Sanders

Brian Sanders

John & Brandi Carrano
Dominic Marone
Project Rescue

Vasilik & Lyubov Voytovich

Middle East

Live Dead

Voice of the Martyrs

Upper Room
Austin & Kayti Y.
Will & Angela L.
Joshua & Brittany R.

Israel and Palestine
Cody & Keli M.
Upper Room
Jacob’s Hope
Jewish Jewels
Be’ad Chaim

Travis & Kari A.
Live Dead
Scott & Diana M.

Danial & Kim L.

Global Initiative

Saudi Arabia
Dick & Jennifer B.

Syrian Circle
Upper Room
Daniel & Makenzie V.

Global Initiative

Central & South America

Awakening Ministries International

International Justice Mission

Taile Nordilius
AGWM Refugee Relief

El Salvado
Castillo del Rey

Orphan Outreach

Orphan Outreach

Child Hope

JBob & Jennifer Firth

Gary Heiney

The Caribbean

Convoy of Hope

Damien Zincola
Global Initiative

Dominican Republic
Nelson & Rennae de Fritas

Dalton & Aericka Helvey
Child Hope
Obed Lafaille

Puerto Rico
Convoy of Hope

Saint Martin
Convoy of Hope

North America

Rick & Jenny Preato

Youth Alive

Little Baghdad Community
Ted & Angie Stackpole

Aces in Motion
Bicycle University

Carver Gardens Community
Child Evangelical Fellowship
CCC Gainesville
Created: Gainesville
Eastside High School
Faith Mission
Foster Florida
Gainesville Community Ministry
Gainesville HIPPY
Gainesville SW Advocacy Group
GRACE Marketplace
Habitat for Humanity

Holly Heights Community
House of Hope
The Jesus Infusion
Kanapaha Middle School
Kids Count
Lake Forest Elementary School
Lincoln Middle School
Partnership for Strong Families
Pineridge Community
Rawlings Elementary School
Saint Francis House
Sickly Cell Disease Association
Sira Pregnancy Crisis Center
Thrive Village
Tri-County Pregnancy Center
UF Chi Alpha
UF Navigators
Williams Elementary School
Young Life

Kurt & Kelly Rosenhauser

Mark & Lynda Hausfeld
Mark & Daniella Brink
Kids Across America
Say Hello: Reaching Muslim

The John Perkins Foundation
Angela Truex
Ryan Chan

Jose Miguel Ocampo

South Carolina
Clayton King Ministries

Cherilyn Parker

Washington DC
International Justice Mission

These pages are not just for accountability,

but they are a celebration of how mission dollars and efforts were faithfully stewarded the past ten years. Your radical giving has changed lives and brought freedom to thousands of people around the world, and in our community.

In 2019, gang violence in our city was pushed back, displaced refugees were helped, justice was enacted, prisoners were restored, missionaries were sent, vulnerable children and widows were cared for, and churches were planted in some of the darkest corners of the world.

Thank you for your joyful and radical generosity!

Through the power of Jesus and generosity of our church body, statistics are changing and lives are being transformed. May we continue to joyfully give and reorient everything to make disciples near, far, and to the ends of the earth.

Andrea Levings | Missions Director

Over $2.5 million

for East Gainesville from 2010 to 2019.

A decade. 10 years of relationships, growth, favor, and change. 10 years of long devotion in the same direction. This has been the heartbeat of our church and community partners. Our commitment to reducing disparities, shifting the status quo, and watching East Gainesville become a bright shinning light on a hill has been a worthy investment and glorious adventure.

Community leaders have been ignited to walk further into their God-given gifts and purpose. Schools have faithfully labored to improve the achievement gap. Teenagers have found a safe place to be themselves and freely discuss their faith. In the years to come, it is our desire and devotion to see these students and leaders at the forefront of change in their community. We believe their voices matter and deserve to be heard as this community rises. We see God being exalted in our city as East Gainesville springs forth.

Geenhouse Church is such an important part of Rawlings Elementary, I would love to share a little! I am always amazed by the dedication that the Greenhouse Church members have in their roles at Rawlings Elementary. The SMILE mentors commit to weekly mentoring sessions with their student mentee. The difference these mentors make in the lives of our student in improved academic gains, attendance, behavior and social interations is so important.

Beyond our SMILE mentoring program, the Greenhouse Church members also step up (often at a moment's notice) to help the school in so many other ways. They volunteer on field trips, family events, carnivals, contribute to patrol field trips, provide meals for staff appreciation events, and the list goes on and on. I don't think Greenhouse Church realizes how much that means.

Through the incredible partnership with Greenhouse Church, Lincoln has facilitated the salary for an administrator through the summer, and hired a Dean Assistant that serves as the Historian for our beloved facility.

Mr. Washington is one of the first graduates of Lincoln High School and keeps our students filled with pride and respect as they walk our halls. Greenhouse Church has invested in an East Gainesville initiative and has changed the lives of many of our families through after-school activities, tutoring and workshops. This has improved and assisted the livelihood of our families and encourage parental involvement.

Throughout the years at Eastside High School, Greenhouse Church has had an instrumental impact and partnership with EHS which has contributed to the daily success of students. Most importantly, Greenhouse Church has led the way with sponsoring and overseeing our I Got Your Back Mentoring Program. This mentoring program allows mentors or student volunteers form the community to be paired with our at-risk students who are in dire need or academic and social-emotional support. Mentors are matched specifically to meet the needs and supports for students which has had a profound impact with the continuation of ongoing positive relationships between the mentors and students.



Average attendance:


UA: 340 Kids: 140 Sprouts: 145

Greenhouse Leadership Conference:



Microchurches: (MU):




New Microchurches

Greenhouse Movement Podcast:


Plays - 25+ countries:



Typical weekly attendance

We see the gospel going out in our communities through those willing to share the hope of Jesus with the lost, least, poor, and vulnerable.

Our church body is comprised of many who are willing to serve as the hands and feet of Christ – they are advocates, teachers, partners, and difference makers who humbly serve in the background.

Here, we want to champion a few of them in their devotion and compassion sowing seeds within our community for generations to come after. They are the changemakers.

Mabel Cardec

Microchurch Leader

I’ve been a member of Greenhouse for the past 13 years. I’ve been privileged to serve in Breakthrough, altar ministry, and microchurch leadership at different times for families, Hispanic ladies, and more recently a microchurch in Spanish for married couples with my husband.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to currently coordinate the GH Spanish translation ministry as well. To those whose Spanish is our mother tongue, it becomes more meaningful when we can hear the words of Jesus in the language that we first came to know him and it fills us with joy to assist people to have the same experience. We will also be launching Portuguese translations soon!

En español se dice que “el que no sirve, no sirve”: “those who do not serve others do not become worthy.” I’m blessed to use my cultural uniqueness and my native language to serve at Greenhouse.

Cassidy Klein

East Volunteer

I serve others because Jesus served others with every moment of his life. He also served me in the best way by dying on the cross for me. Living a life of radical generosity looks like not viewing your time, money, or resources as your own. Living with radial generosity also means serving people in ways that aren’t always the most convenient to my personal life or schedule.

During college, a friend invited me to serve in Carver Gardens with an event, and being in that neighborhood radically transformed my life. Living on mission looks like going into every space and asking the Holy Spirit to give you divine appointments with people who are hurting, lost, and in need of Jesus. It also looks like inviting people to do life alongside you – asking families to go to the grocery store, inviting families to do holidays, giving families rides to church, or just opening your home for a meal once a week. My husband and I now live in Pineridge with an open door to children and families partnering and empowering them with the transformative love of Jesus.

Robin Gregory


I am privileged to currently serve as one of the first female Deacons at Greenhouse Church. In my 10+ years at Greenhouse, I have served as a women’s microchurch leader, a worship team member at all campuses, an Activate coach, and a member of the prayer and altar team.


I believe that my purpose is inextricably tied to the work of this ministry utilizing every gift God has given me to encourage, edify, and build up the next generation as passionate followers of Jesus.  It is my joy to disciple and mentor women of God to walk in virtue as the wives, mothers, and ministers of the gospel that he has destined us to be, ‘bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.’ (Col 1:10)

Fred McCray


I enjoy my roles as Elder, Microchurch leader, and altar worker at Greenhouse Church. I became a member of Greenhouse in 2002. Our FireStarters microchurch began in 2004 with 8 members. Our microchurch now has a faithful racially diverse group of 25. My heart is to see people set free from the bondage of the enemy and become passionate followers of Christ Jesus. The worship, prayer, testimonials, study of the word, and loving care for one another is a joy to see.

The word is studied so that people will know Christ and that their freedom, peace, redemption, healing sanctification, and righteousness is all because of Him. I want people to live and walk in the finished work of Jesus Christ knowing that their victory is all about what Jesus has done. His obedience to Father God has redeemed us and set us free!

Addison Staples

Community Partner

God began deeply marking me with a heart for justice as it relates to educational and racial disparities here in our city. Aces in Motion began as a result of close community ties that challenged and encouraged me to realize and step out in the calling God had on my life. My microchurch family at Greenhouse played such a key role in seeing my calling actualized by prophetically confirming, prayerfully equipping, and supporting me and my family every step of the way.

AIM exists to offer equitable educational and sport resources and opportunities to youth of east Gainesville that are under-resourced, marginalized, or economically strained. We offer completely free after-school programming on UF campus that is culturally relevant and trauma informed. By meeting youth where they are and loving them, we can change the odds that all young people are ready for college, work, and life.

Typical Sunday attendance:

0 .

Our vision in Sprouts is to lay a firm foundation for children to know God, hear His voice, discover their gifts, and move in signs and wonders. We desire to create a culture where children and their parents grow in love for God together, not separate. We see Sprouts as a place where leaders to develop their gifts to make disciples of the youngest of our church. In 2019, we expanded children’s discipleship with a new curriculum for Wednesday night gatherings, opportunities to practice hearing God’s voice, and a special needs ministry. We cannot wait to see the harvest that God has planned for us in 2020!

Samara Godshalk | Sprouts Director


Our family was never able to attend church because our son has special needs and we would always get called to come pick him up.

Greenhouse has been the only place where we are able to attend for the entire service, and our son feels like he belongs.

When I first saw your sensory room in Sprouts, I had tears in my eyes. For the first time, I felt like my family belongs here.

Sprouts Parent.

This is my favorite part of the whole year!

Sprouts student.

Typical Sunday attendance:

0 .

Our vision at Greenhouse Kids is to instill a passion in parent to be the primary disciple-makers of their children, to inspire multigenerational leaders that move the next generation towards Jesus and empowers children to discover their kingdom purposes on earth through worship, sound teaching, and small groups!

In 2020, we will partner with families to fill their homes with prayer, equip many more kids take the next step in their faith through baptism, and raise up a diverse team of leaders ready to disciple the next generation.

Priscilla Brown | Kids Director

Thank you guys! This is awesome! I've wanted to do Gospel-centered Valentine's Day cards before (possibly years) and it's always so hard to gather stuff and come up with ideas.

I love this so much! Thanks for making it easy to engage my kids and love others!

GHK Parent.

So thankful to have support from Greenhouse Church as I disciple the hearts of my babies towards the cross.

Free Gospel-centered resources!

GHK Parent.

We believe that ordinary teenagers can become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

At Greenhouse Youth, students can experience God and learn about His purpose for their lives. Hundreds of students gather each week to experience God, involved, fellowship and form life-long friendships.

Students are separated into 14 grade/gender focused small groups.

Hi, my name is Michael Lane and I am honored to serve as the Youth Pastor of Greenhouse Church.

I believe in your students and I am driven to see them walk in the fullness of who they are destined to become in Christ. Please let me know how our ministry can partner alongside your family this year!

Typical weekly Gainesville
youth attendance:

0 .


Greenhouse college is the young-adult ministry of Greenhouse Church. We gather throughout the week in Microchurch groups to grow in worship, mission, and community.

Through small groups and outreaches, we share God has done in our lives and impact our campuses, workplace, and our community in a fresh way.

Although we do not have a traditional college service, our weekend Sunday gatherings serve as an arena for students to worship God, fellowship, and receive teachings from pastoral staff.

Before finding Jesus, I was searching for my identity in alcohol, women, and career. After connecting with Greenhouse College, I realized my identity is found in the fact that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me unconditionally, regardless of my mistakes.

When thinking about the vision of Greenhouse College, I take my cue from Jesus, when he says, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

When thinking about the vision of Greenhouse College, I take my cue from Jesus, when he says, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

I desire that students who become apart of Greenhouse College would discover the unique call that God has for their lives. I believe students are called and wired to live “sent” and when we give ourselves to anything less, the world around us suffers.

The vision we are committed to seeing this year is simple:

We want ordinary college students and young adults to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ! To His Name be the glory in our campuses, in our city, and in our world. Nothing less is acceptable.

Typical weekly Gainesville
college attendance:

0 .

Microchurches are close-knit, intimate, weekly gatherings creating space for us to cultivate a lifestyle of living in the green – being disciples and making disciples.

2019 encompassed an unprecedented year of microchurch growth. We achieved our total of 250 micorchurches and discipleship groups represented in the Greenhouse Movement.

In Gainesville alone, we saw an increase of more than 207, over 25% increase in our annual total.

Disciples are being made, disciple makers are being raised up, and the kingdom is coming all over the city of Gainesville and the State of Florida!

Pastor Matt Ulrich.

Total number of

0 .

Total number of new
Microchurches in 2019:

0 .

Pastor Matt Ulrich.

Microchurches are close-knit, intimate, weekly gatherings creating space for us to cultivate a lifestyle of living in the green – being disciples and making disciples.

2019 encompassed an unprecedented year of microchurch growth. We achieved our total of 250 micorchurches and discipleship groups represented in the Greenhouse Movement.

In Gainesville alone, we saw an increase of more than 207, over 25% increase in our annual total.

Disciples are being made, disciple makers are being raised up, and the kingdom is coming all over the city of Gainesville and the State of Florida!

A six-week discipleship program designed to help young adults follow a biblical training process to experience the abundant life Jesus promised.

Total interns in 2019

0 .


It was transformational as I learned how to be equipped and sent out to be a disciple maker.

As we seek Him, He does the rest.

It catapulted me into a life of full reliance on Jesus and understanding what it means to live freely in Him.



A 4-week prayer intensive providing resources and structure to help people develop the prayer life they’ve always wanted.

Participants in 2019:

0 .

The God Seeking Intensive was a great aid in developing
the discipline I needed to establish a routine of morning prayer and worship.

My heart had always desired to seek the Lord in the mornings, but I needed a push to encourage me to do so consistently. I am grateful for the new habits I formed GSI and I hope to continue them for days to come.


A year long program where graduated interns have an opportunity to explore a potential call to full-time ministry.

Director Note:

Most Christians know what they "should" do to become mature disciples but few have the discipline to get there on their own.

Our Greenhouse discipleship programs give people the structure and support they need so they can become the passionate followers God made them to be.

That's why we are so excited that we graduated more participants from all our programs in 2019 than we ever have before! God has called His people to train for godliness and we are grateful to support them in the process.

Oasis Ministry serves our senior adults in Greenhouse Church through our Traditions Sunday services, monthly potluck lunch and fellowship, Parklands nursing home outreachs, and Windsor assisted living ministries.

We also offer multiple community times with Romeos (Retired Old Men Eating Out) weekly breakfast, JULIETS for ladies, and SOLO for single ladies.

We look forward to many group trips for the day to surrounding nature parks, springs, and outdoor recreation centers.

Pastors Dave and Pat Matheny and Tiffany Kuhne Invite you to be a part of this ministry connecting to more than 200 seniors in our faith family.


Betty and I have been a part of Greenhouse for nearly 50 years.

We love making new friends of every age group, and really enjoy being a part of the seniors ministry that focuses on our stage of life.


+ What is GLC?

The Greenhouse Leadership Conference is an annual gathering of disciples and leaders from across multiple cities, states, and countries at our Hub Campus for a weekend of inspiration, encouragement, and training to be disciples and make disciples.

+ Last year's impact:

Our 2019 GLC was our largest yet with an unprecedented engagement of 600 pastors in attendance. We shared powerful moments of raw, God centered discipleship and sent leaders out to reach other continents as disciple makers.

Number of attendees:

0 .



Our vision for 2020 is that it will be a year of unprecedented harvest bringing people into a supernatural culture of prayer and diversity. 

So let us fully abide, praying and seeking God with all that we are; let us come together across every people, group and background, and be radically generous to the extent where it’s clear…